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I am a clinical psychologist licensed in both California (PSY17395) and Massachusetts. My goal is to meet with people and help them achieve growth, meaning and fulfillment as they journey through life. My belief is that this journey is ongoing, and that growth, meaning and fulfillment will continue, take on different forms, change and develop over the course of one’s lifetime.

It is my privilege to join with others on this journey, and my hope that I can provide assistance and guidance as the journey unfolds. Read more...

The most recent blog entry: On Playing Well with Others...,

I am also the founder of Illuminated Education which provides educational activities designed for people who are interested in issues related to psychology, healing, and other aspects of human thought, feeling and behavior. For more information about courses and Continuing Education credit for mental health professionals, please go to the Illuminated Education web site.

The goals of this website are threefold:

  • To describe my work and my practice to you
  • To provide information and resources that may be useful to you
  • To provide visual and written material that is intended to be interesting, sometimes amusing, sometimes calming, and always thought-provoking

Please click on the tabs above or index entries to the right to access the various parts of the site. Please click here for more information about me and the philosophy that informs my work.

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In addition to this web site, I have an e-mail newsletter which provides information about my practice, information of general interest, and commentary on current issues or news. In addition, it provides information on dates, times and locations of new courses which I will be presenting. If you would like to be included on the e-mail list for this publication, please sign up in the preceding box.

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About the Logo

The logo is formed from five spirals each representing an aspect of the psyche: Intellect, emotion, spirit, body and connection. The spiral was chosen because of its historical roots as a prominent and meaningful symbol since the beginning of humanity’s use of art and language, and because it can visually represent the layers and texture associated with these aspects of the self. The spirals are drawn with one continuous line representing interconnectedness. Each set of five spirals is connected to an inner set and another inner set, representing the deepening layers of self and psyche as one explores one’s inner world. Connection refers to both the relational part of the self which connects us to other people, the planet and the forces of the universe and the interconnectedness of the various aspects of the self.